June Detention Staff Members of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working together as a team in response to an emergency medical assistance call on 6/26/11, staff members were able to respond, assess, assist and manage emergency care to an inmate who was found unresponsive at the LEDC. As a result of their efforts, the inmate was immediately transported to a local hospital. The inmate was found lying in a cell unresponsive and LEDC staff began emergency first aid.

Staff began providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and executing an automated external defibrillator device to the inmate. EMS transported the inmate, under staff escort, to Baptist Medical Center. Unfortunately, the inmate did not survive and the manner of death was determined to be natural caused by peritonitis, intestinal obstruction and perforation, and adenocarcinoma of sigmoid colon.

Each staff member exercised precision, in concert with their teammates, in the delivery of their best efforts to preserve human life and to facilitate the immediate transportation of the inmate to the local hospital. Their actions demonstrate outstanding professional achievement in managing the complexities in a detention environment. Their actions exemplify the "one team, one mission" attitude in providing effective criminal justice services that are guided by integrity and compassion. The staff member participants in this incident are:

Nurse A. Cook, Corporal J. Cooley, Nurse S. Cortezo, Corporal D. Edwards, Lieutenant D. Henderson, Sergeant D. Huttar, Officer D. McDuffie, Nurse B. Mitchell, Sergeant D. Parker, SRT Officer W. Reynolds, SRT Officer J. Russell, SRT Officer R. Sams, SRT Officer J. Tatum, Sergeant B. Warren, and Nurse C. Watkins