April Civilian Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Robin Ellis was transferred to the Investigation Division in the summer 2011. During her tenure in the Investigation Division, she was tasked with taking on additional responsibilities. The additional responsibilities include some of the following:

On Property crimes that were not assigned to an investigator, she will call victims to seek additional information that they might have not have remembered during the time of the crime. This is very beneficial in that she is able to help assist getting information such as serial numbers, make and model of items that were taken, as often a victim will remember information later.

She developed a questionnaire to assist here in getting the additional information from the victim.

During this time she is able to explain the investigative process for property crimes to the victim(s), and explain how the victims should contact the Sheriff’s Office, should they recall additional information.

Since Robin has taken this upon herself, she has retrieved 2 laptops and 1 XBOX from local Pawn shops, and the property has been successfully returned back to the owners. There has also been on several occasions, that while talking with a victim a suspect is developed, and then the case is assigned to an investigator.

An additional responsibility she has taken upon herself being able to maintain a log of Metal brokers. These metal brokers will email and fax Robin their metal / gold transactions to her.

Robin has maintained a great working atmosphere and is always a pleasure to work with. She goes the extra mile when needed and will stay late upon requests. She is very willing to help all personal within the Investigation Division. Robin is truly an asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Forsyth County.