March Detention Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On March 18, Detention Officer Arthur was assigned to Field Training Officer, Detention Officer II E. Roussel, to complete the first phase of training. Security Team B conducted a shake down in the Special Needs Inmate Management Housing Unit. During the shake down, Detention Officer Arthur located a broom under an inmate's mattress. The broom handle had been broken on the end and fashioned into a weapon. Detention Officer Arthur then began to search intensely for the broken end off of the metal broom handle. While searching the same cell, she located the broken end of the metal broom handle that was approximately 3 inches in length and sharpened to a point.

Detention Officer Arthur was taught to be objective, thorough and systematic when conducting shakedowns within the facility. She understands the importance of safety and security. In finding this weapon, Detention Officer Arthur has made the facility a far safer and more secure environment.