June Civilian Staff Member of the Month

  • By Kristal Williams
  • Posted Monday, July 17, 2017

Mrs. Brown is assigned to the Investigative Services Division as a Senior Office Assistant. She handles a majority of the day to day scheduling of activities for the Investigators and Supervisors in the Investigative Services Division. In addition to her daily responsibilities, Mrs. Brown will take the initiative upon herself to become an extra set of “eyes” and “ears” when Investigators need help drafting documents, faxing paperwork, prosecution books, routing voicemails and numerous other complexities of law enforcement operations. Mrs. Brown has been recognized by her peers, through email and word of mouth, for all of the extra things that she does for Investigative Services. Recently, Mrs. Brown had downloaded an application on her cell phone called “NEXTDOOR”. This application is designed for neighbors to post material pertinent to their respective neighborhoods. During morning Roll Call, Mrs. Brown received a “text alert” of a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood located inside the Rural Hall town limits. Mrs. Brown forwarded that information to the Investigators which identified a suspect vehicle in several Automobile Break-ins.

Mrs. Brown's common sense approach to job tasks and her positive attitude is unwavering. Mrs. Brown is a valuable asset to the Investigative Services Division.