January Sworn Staff Members of the Month

  • By Kristal Williams
  • Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On January 29, 2018 Deputy Holley and Deputy Faircloth were dispatched to an Assist Agency call on Bethania-Rural Hall Road. Civilian personnel were on scene attempting to provide CPR to an unconscious female. Deputy Holley immediately took over from the civilian personnel and began administering CPR. A short while later, Deputy Faircloth arrived to assist. Deputy Faircloth then took over administering CPR while Deputy Holley began to gather information about the patient.

Emergency Medical Services personnel arrived on scene shortly after and took over care of the patient. They were able to detect that the patient had an independent pulse. In short, they were able to stabilize the patient well enough to be transported to Forsyth Medical Center. The patient later succumbed to her medical complications, but staff at FMC related that the actions of the civilian personnel as well as Deputy Holley and Deputy Faircloth in providing CPR greatly enhanced the patients’ chances of survival had no other medical complications been present.

The quick actions of Deputy Holley and Deputy Faircloth demonstrate the core values of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.