April Sworn Staff Members of the Month

  • By Kristal Williams
  • Posted Thursday, May 24, 2018

On April 5 2018, Deputy C. King, Trainee C. Mozingo and his field training officer, Deputy II A. Evaro, were at the Rural Hall Town Office after clearing a call for service. As they prepared for another call for service nearby, they heard a loud explosion behind them. They turned and observed flames erupting from the eaves of the 600 building of Woodbriar Apartments. The three immediately ran to their vehicles and utilized emergency traffic to offer aid and assistance to the possible residents of the apartment building. They began knocking on doors to announce the urgency at hand. Several families were removed from harm’s way, many of which had no idea that the roof of the building was on fire. Once all subjects were safely removed, the three began assisting with arriving Emergency Medical and Fire personnel to ensure everyone received proper care. The Red Cross was contacted to provide shelter for the displaced families still on scene.

The quick thinking and fast actions of these deputies saved lives in this incident. Their continued care and concern after the initial danger speaks directly to what is expected of all employees of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.