February Detention Officer Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Friday, March 20, 2020

Detention Officer J. Venable is assigned to the Special Care Unit of the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center. One of the responsibilities of this unit is to search all of the incoming mail from the United States Postal Service prior to being distributed to the inmates. On February 6, 2020, Officer Venable noticed a piece of paper attached to a greeting card. Upon further investigation, Officer Venable located a narcotic drug concealed under the paper. On February 20, 2020, Officer Venable located two different cards addressed to two different inmates with narcotics drugs enclosed inside the cards. Officer Venable’s due diligence prevented the narcotics from being accessible to the inmates. Officer Venable’s years of experience and dedication to her job allows the detention center to be a safer place for inmates and staff.