Adoption Assistance is based on the eligibility of the special needs child at the time the child enters foster care. That is, there exists with respect to the child, a specific factor or condition, such as his/her ethnic background, age, membership in a minority group, or the presence of factors such as medical conditions or mental, physical, or emotional handicaps. Their eligibility is established prior to the issuance of the Adoption Decree. All Adoption Assistance terminates at the time the child turns 18.

Financial Assistance

  • Cash Subsidy - monthly monetary stipend
    Financial/cash subsidy is based on the circumstances of the child rather than the adoptive parents.
  • Vendor Payments
    Psychological/therapeutic, remedial services, medical assistance - based on the child's specific needs and/or condition with a limit of $2400 per fiscal year.
  • Medicaid IV-B / IV-E
    Medical insurance that provides basic health coverage for the child. Special needs children who are IV-E eligible are categorically eligible for Medicaid. Non IV-E special needs chidren may be eligible for Medicaid for special medical and rehabilitative needs. The adoptive parents are to make application to the Department of Social Services for the non IV-E special needs children.
  • Non-recurring Expenses
    Reimbursement costs include adoption fees, attorney fees, court costs and other expenses directly related to the legal adoption of a special needs child. Maximum limit for total amount of incurred expenses is $2000 per child.

Support Group

The Adoption Support Group meets weekly at the Forsyth County Department of Social Serivces. The meetings are led by Adoption Social Workers. Attendees include persons who are planning to adopt, those who have children in adoptive placement, and those whose adoptions are finalized. Ideas, concerns, and issues around adopting and parenting are shared informally. Occasionally there is a more structured, educational program provided which speaks to issues of interest in parenting and/or adoption.

Case Management and Referral Services

The family is assigned to work with an Adoption Social Worker, who provides support services, insight into adoption issues, and referrals to other appropriate agencies and community services.